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What they're saying about Miriam

  • "Miriam is a breath of fresh air. Beautiful melodies, saucy stylings. A blessed relief from all that is contrived. A dazzling, majestic, beautiful woman who is all smiles and sparkles and legs, who actually has THE GOODS! Miriam's original songs are all-at-once thoughtful, heartbreaking and joyful. Her interpretations of standards is nothing short of sublime." -Colleen Wares, Midwestern Broadcasting, WTCM
  • "Miriam Pico engages audiences with a dreamy exuberance and captivating warmth. A multi-talented performer of stage, screen and television, Miriam's radiant smile and elegant presence transcends every entertainment medium. Her remarkable vocal range and exquisite interpretation of standards is matched only by her touching and joyful songwriting."-Michael Sullivan, Traverse City Film Festival Entertainment Manager /Sullivan Entertainment, Song of the Lakes


  • "Miriam seamlessly blends pop, jazz and country sensibilities to create a very personal and emotive style of her own. I love it!!! Imagine Stevie, Patsy and George Gershwin through a kaleidescope of Beyonce, Carrie and Norah...that's our Miriam!" -Jeff Haas, host of NPR's The New Jazz Archive, Musician


  • "I've listened to Miriam Pico many times and watched her perform her own music on several occasions. Miriam never fails to enlarge and illuminate a room. She's a giver to the core and her music is wondrously capable of raising the joy quotient in the atmosphere around her. She radiates what it means to be a working, giving artist." -Michael Delp, Author 


  • "Miriam Pico has a voice and style so beautiful, it makes you think of the greats like Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland. But add to that, Miriam's own warmth, charm and great personal songs, and you know that you're hearing one of our generations' greats." -Gregory Leifel, Executive Director, The Sanfilippo Foundation, Barrington, IL.


  • "Miriam Pico has an amazing voice and she writes beautiful, melodic songs. She draws the crowd in with her sincere enthusiasm for performing, you would think that she was born on the stage; she is so incredibly comfortable and personable. I can't wait to see her play again!" -Terri Ray, D.J. and Program Director, WKLT/WKLZ


Talent, Wholehearted Artistry & A Delightfully Good Time
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