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 Unique, bilingual music classes for you and your little songbird! 

                     (ages 0-5)

Singer/Songwriter Miriam Pico invites your family to gatherings of music, dance and community!
Children (ages 0 to 5) and adults can play percussion instruments together, twirl around with dance streamers, even bang on pots, pans and teapots in community with other families; all while laying foundational elements of music theory, Spanish, vocal technique, exercise and empowered individual creativity! During the weekly 45 minute sessions, you and your child will be invited to participate with a varied mix of original and traditional songs. The focus is on exposing children to the joy of music, while promoting positive messages of peace, self-acceptance and being mindfully "in the moment" with people you love. Songs also cover topics such as emotions, the weather, creating your own instruments, caring for others, celebrating our planet, being healthy and dreaming big!

Classes take place at The Beat Lab. (3886 Cass Road) However, special classes can take place anywhere you want to host them, whether it is a child's birthday party, a mom's group, a childcare center or a school. 

One of the favorite features of Little Bird parents is the flexibility. No need to commit to weeks at a time. Just come when you want! Reserve your spot ahead of time at or simply drop in and pay at the door. 

The price is $10 for the first sibling and $5 for each additional sibling. Bring a snack for yourselves to enjoy at the end of class or feel free to partake of our stash of Veggie Straws! :)

Any questions? Call or text The Beat Lab owner, Brad Novak at (231) 735-1622. 

Hope to see you! Love, Miss Miriam

To see available dates and to sign up please visit:

Check out our Little Bird facebook page for the latest NEWS, pictures, videos, reviews and updates!

"I have been attending programs with my own children for 11 years and coordinating children's programs for years prior to that and this is by far the best class I have been a part of! The song Miriam opens the class with speaks such important truth! ("You are smart, you are kind, you're important, you are loved, loved, loved.") The giggles, hugs and kisses will bless your heart as much as your child! As we pulled away my 3 year old was still quietly singing to himself "you are loved, you're important!"

                                                - Amanda DeBruyn, mother.

"We've attended several classes and loved it so much we asked Miss Miriam if she could come help make our daughter Mia's 2nd birthday party extra special with a performance. She was so sweet (as always) and so upbeat, the kids and adults loved it all! Thank you again!!"

                                              -Maria Orlandi Cupp, mother.

Talent, Wholehearted Artistry & A Delightfully Good Time
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