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My Body Belongs To Me!

Storyteller, Jenifer Strauss and songer/songwriter, Miriam Pico, team up with the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center to invite you and your family to a fun and important musical storytime! Introduce your child to the basics of body safety, personal awareness and safe boundaries in an easy way, with this 45 minute event.


"With more than 12 years of programming under my Librarian belt, I have to say that one of the programs I am most proud of is "My Body Belongs To Me". I will sleep well tonight, knowing that more children and their families have been educated about sexual abuse today, that had not been yesterday." - Cathy Lancaster, Traverse Area District Library, Director of Youth Services

     For information and bookings please e-mail:
Hannah Rodriguez at the Children's Advocacy Center at: ________________

Talent, Wholehearted Artistry & A Delightfully Good Time
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